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Black Saint / Soul Note

By Published: May 5, 2007
Flavio Bonandrini is dedicated to promoting young Italian talents beyond Italy, as well. "In the last 10 or 15 years, European and Italian musicians have reached their maturity and have been making very, very good music." Bonandrini points to trumpeter Giovanni Falzone, saxophonist Carla Marciano and pianist Mirko Signorile as factoring into the future of his labels, as well as ensuring that music from Italian elder statesmen such as Giorgio Gaslini (L'Integrale, seminal Italian jazz spanning the '40s to today) and explorations of the Ornette Coleman canon by drummer Tiziano Tononi (Peace Warriors) find an audience.

"My real dream is to come back to the States and record David Murray, Muhal, Roscoe, Threadgill and the others who made Black Saint and Soul Note unique, while at the same time always keeping my ears open to new fresh talents," Bonandrini says. "We want to carry on the idea that jazz music is a legacy of living in the moment, not simply a scrapbook that lets you live in the past."

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