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Allman Brothers Light Up the Beacon Theatre

By Published: April 28, 2007
In contrast, after noticeable improvement over last year's spring and summer 2006 tours, the light show left much to be desired: from the overkill of superimposed graphics on live video (though an image of Duane over Derek is fitting) to gratuitous female nudity, and one pass of the merchandising slide show would have been plenty. More extensive content from the Please Call Home documentary would be preferable, as would additional black and white footage of vintage bluesmen.

With all due apologies to the Grateful Dead and their community, there is nothing like seeing The Brothers at The Beacon. The late addition of an Easter show concluded the fifteenth year of this unique event and only adds to the growing ABB mythology. The Allmans clearly love to play in the old theatre, as they welcome the energy radiating from their rabid audience in such close quarters. (As in any other live music setting, unruly fans are what you make of them: the alcohol quotient at work in the Beacon audience just as often subdues an attendee as incites violence).

Concerns remain about the fate of the entire building housing the Beacon Theatre due to its purchase by the MSG Corporation, but at least for this year, much of what you've come to love about this annual rite of spring remained constant. It's proof positive that such a venue is the best possible setting for a great performance—this majestic and intense 2007 event serving as a reminder why The Allman Brothers Band deserves priority attention in the first place.

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Jeff Levere

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