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In Memoriam: Leroy Jenkins 1932-2007

By Published: April 15, 2007
I remember, as a 19 year old, going to Leroy Jenkins' solo concert at the Judson Church in the late '70s. A current of gleeful anticipation pulsed throughout the capacity crowd. I was so excited to hear him play live and he was awesome. Leroy Jenkins not only revealed the untapped possibilities of the violin, but also, the unrealized potentials of our individualism. Leroy was an inspiration. His music helped us become who we could be, through both sound and soul. I am so grateful for his music and his encouragement to me, from the very beginning. Thank you Leroy!


I met Leroy when he came to live in New York. Very warm and beautiful person with a warm and beautiful - as well as a big and rough - sound on the violin. I had the honor to record with him, which I can say was some of the best work from the both of us. It was entitled, appropriately, Swift Are The Winds Of Life.


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