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Tim Price with D.O.G.E and Rachel Z

By Published: April 8, 2007

The second set was even more inventive, leading me to extend my stay over at the Lincoln in order to catch their show on Saturday night as well, which enabled me to attend their free improv workshop at the Goggle Works in the afternoon.

Late into the well attended improv class, Rachel Z was asked why she liked playing with Tim Price. She answered that she finds Price "interesting, one of my favorites, because he challenges me in ways few others do today." She elaborated: a musician, when they find "their" sound, brings with them all the players who influenced them throughout their lives, and she was especially attracted to musicians like Price who heard and learned from the greats— Johnny Griffin, Brother Jack McDuff, and many more who played on the so- called "chitlin circuit." Moreover, other musicians just didn't experience the "dirty harmonies that Price did growing up where he did. What I think she was getting at was that Tim Price, who calls Berks County home, brings to a global stage that small town feeling, blending it with his international study of all idioms of music to create a fascinatingly diverse musical palette. There is no one from the jazz idiom today, with whom this writer is familiar, who could play a different instrument on every tune of a twelve-track CD and, moreover, do so with the high level of proficiency that Price can.

The Saturday night show was SRO, packed with students of Price as well as music followers eager to hear the band that everyone from the night before must have been talking about. At the end of the last set, the crowd took a full minute to absorb the intensity of the feelings created by the music before erupting in applause and a standing ovation.

Thank you, Tim Price, and thanks to Rachel Z, Bobbie Rae and Maeve Royce for two of the most enjoyable shows I have seen in my 37 years of listening to live music.

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