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Joe Sample: Feeling Good

By Published: April 10, 2007

AAJ: That is something that the listener hears immediately. Will you be on tour soon?

JS: Yes, we will be going to South Africa, then we will return to the United States. We will be doing shows in Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Chicago. Tour dates are continuing to surface.

AAJ: Would you at some point, like to record a new Crusaders album?

JS: There has been a lot of talk recently. In fact, the Crusaders, along with Randy, performed a show in Cerritos California. It was a wonderful show. Stix [Hooper] did not accompany us. Stix, at this point in his life, does not have the desire to go through the rigors of the road. If we are going to record then we also want the acceptance of supporting the recording. However, in the meantime if I can get some other musicians together, including myself and Wilton Felder of the original band, it will happen. We have been very successful with incorporating other musicians who really understand and can offer something along the spirit of the Crusaders.

Joe SampleAAJ: That is definitely something to look forward to! Do you have any other plans in the making?

JS: In the future other than doing another recording with Randy, I would certainly love to work with Laylah Hathaway—they are two of my favorite artists.

Also, there is a musical play that I have been trying to get off the ground since '95. It is the story a woman who was the founder of an order of black nuns known as, the Sisters of the Holy Family. They were created in New Orleans. The story spans from the 1840s up to her death in 1862. Those nuns eventually educated me and my family in the 1940s and '50s.

It is an incredible story about the dedication of these young women who worked with dying slave women. I am beginning to have conversations with some of the politicians from the state of Texas. I would love for Texas and Louisiana to be the first sponsors of this musical. We have to get the go-ahead with the seed money and then, the actual writing of the music will begin.

Selected Discography

Randy Crawford & Joe Sample, Feeling Good (Telarc, 2007)
Joe Sample, Soul Shadows (Universal, 2004)
Joe Sample, The Pecan Tree (Umvd, 2002)
Joe Sample, The Best of Joe Sample (Warner Bros, 1998)
Joe Sample, Sample This (MCA, 1997)
Joe Sample, Old Places, Old Faces (Warner Bros, 1996)
Joe Sample, Did You Feel That? (Warner Bros., 1994)
Joe Sample, Invitation (Warner Bros, 1993)
Joe Sample, Ashes to Ashes (Warner Bros, 1991)
Joe Sample, Hunter (MCA, 1983)
Joe Sample, Voices in the Rain (MCA, 1981)
Joe Sample, Carmel (ABC Records, 1979)

Photo Credits
Top Photo: Courtesy of Yamaha
Bottom Photo: Dragan Tasic

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