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Tierney Sutton: The Pursuit of Happiness

By Published: April 5, 2007

AAJ: I think it is a gift for an artist to have the ability to convey these things in their music.

Tierney SuttonTS: In this record, there really are some natural turning points that I intended. There is that message in some of the lyrics, "I want to be happy, but I won't be happy, until I make you happy, too. Then the very next song is, "Make Someone Happy, which is a more serious take on that. We are all linked to each other. The human race is like a human body: if part of it is suffering, then the rest of the body is affected. There is no turning away from it.

My mother recently passed away and, amidst her terrible illnesses, she frequently would say, "I am a happy woman, and I thought that was amazing. The whole idea of happiness—what brings it and what doesn't is the stuff of life.

AAJ: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

TS: I am so lucky, because I didn't really get serious about this until I was in my thirties, and I just feel so grateful that audiences are present to hear us perform and appreciate what we do.

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Photo Credits:
Top Photo: Courtesy of
Tierney Sutton
Bottom Photo: Dragan Tasic

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