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UZEB: The Last Concert

By Published: March 18, 2007
Brochu has gone on to work in a variety of contexts, notably with saxophonist Jean-Pierre Zanella's group featuring another Canadian legend, double-bassist Michel Donato. Cusson, after a brief run with his horns and world beat-centric Wild Unit, has become an in-demand scorer for television and film. Only Caron has carried the torch first lit by UZEB, with his latest group record, 5 (BHM, 2005), a logical successor that incorporates an understandably more contemporary approach.

Still, fifteen years later The Last Concert remains fresh and surprisingly undated. For those fortunate enough to have seen UZEB at its peak, The Last Concert is a reminder of just how powerful, creative and innovative this Quebecois group was. For those who never had the pleasure, this beautifully filmed and sonically rich DVD is the next best thing to having been there.

Tracks: UZEB Club; New Hit; Apres Les Confidences; Riff 55; Mister Moe; Loose; Blue 'n Green; Not Even the Shadow of the Tail of a Lizard; Spider; Mr. Bill; Wake Up Call; Funkaleon; 60, Rue des Lombards; Cool It.

Personnel: Paul Brochu: drums, percussion; Alain Caron: bass; Michel Cusson: guitar. Special Guest: Tiger Okoshi: trumpet on (5, 6).

Feature: Directed by Jean-Jacues Sheitoyan. Produced by Media 514 (John Vetaris and Ian Descenes).Approximate running time 118 minutes. Aspect ratio: 4:3 (Full Screen). Sound mixed in 2.0 stereo and 5.1 surround. Extras: Slide Show, Credits.

Photo Credits
Captured from UZEB: The Lasy Concert DVD, courtesy of Norac Records

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