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Pierre DÝrge

By Published: April 20, 2007
Tchicai has been the most notable of the soloists—he's on eight of the recordings—and has a special feeling about Dørge and the NJO. "Pierre and I are closely related in terms of our roots and preferences, says Tchicai. "And when we play in groups outside of the NJO—anywhere in the world—we're especially well in touch." Dørge shares the feeling. "John put a lot of power in the NJO.

The band has also worked with tenor saxophonist David Murray (on its 1991 Enja album, The Jazzpar Prize, the pianist is Horace Parlan), trombonist Ray Anderson, trumpeter Harry Beckett, vocalist Josephine Cronholm, bassist Johnny Dyani and drummer Hamid Drake. It says a great deal about both Dørge and his native Denmark that from '93-'96 the band was the Danish State Ensemble and in 1998, Dørge received a life grant as a composer from the Danish State. "It's my dream, he hopes, "that music makes people understand each other and different cultures can meet, through music, in a peaceful way.

In addition to his NJO activities Dørge has sought out other like-minded players to improvise and invent in a wide variety of contexts. He has worked in small group contexts with Tchicai, Beckett, violinist Svend Asmussen and vibraphonist Walt Dickerson. As a guitarist he is accomplished technically but always uses his chops with his larger aesthetic in mind. "For many years Pierre and his orchestra have been able to dance the tightrope of renewal and creativity, says Tchicai. "He creates the very best repertoire—music that in a tasteful way illustrates and incorporates the musics of non-Western cultures.

Selected Discography

Pierre Dørge/New Jungle Orchestra, Negra Tigra (New Green-Ilk Music, 2001)

Pierre Dørge/New Jungle Orchestra, Live at Birdland (Stunt, 1999)

Pierre Dørge/New Jungle Orchestra, Music From The Danish Jungle (Marco Polo-Dacapo, 1995)

David Murray/Pierre Dørge's New Jungle Orchestra, The Jazzpar Prize (Enja, 1991)

Pierre Dørge/New Jungle Orchestra, Even The Moon Is Dancing (Steeplechase, 1985)

John Tchicai, Real Tchicai (Steeplechase, 1977)

Photo Credits
Top Photo: Jesper Svarre
Bottom Photo: Jose Manuel Horna

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