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Scott Kinsey: It's About Meaning

By Published: March 27, 2007

AAJ: That's interesting to hear. I've recently been listening to Gregg Bendian's Mahavishnu Project where he plays entire Mahavishnu Orchestra albums in concert, and I wonder if this is maybe a new trend to revisit influential old classics?

SK: It is an interesting idea. I hadn't heard about it before but it's not my cup of tea in general. I'd much rather just create. But for an album like that and with Tim [Hagans] and Bob it's worth it to me to do it.

AAJ: How did Bitches Brew go down with the audience nearly forty years later?

SK: It went down really well. It was pretty much sold out and the response was excellent. We didn't do an exact recreation. We did it our way. We had a DJ and took some liberties. It was always forward looking so you have to approach it that way.

Scott KinseyAAJ: You've worked on film soundtracks, produced other people's records, recorded with big bands—do you have any unrealized musical ambitions?

SK: I just want to keep doing my stuff. I did this record and I feel it was sort of a hump to get over. Now that it's out I've got twenty more that I'd like to do tomorrow. I've got too many things that I'd like to do, just in terms of my own stuff. I don't want to do too much stuff, but one record a year anyway.

I already have another record that is almost finished, and I have a lot of material from Kinesthetics that I didn't put on the album. Then I have a lot of live stuff with my band and some of that should definitely be released.

I'd like to do more soundtracks. I'd like to do more soundtracks on my own. And just keep creating and interacting with musicians, which is what it's all about—having a conversation with someone you like on your instrument. I hope it comes across like that. It's not about a lot of notes, it's about meaning.

Selected Discography:

Scott Kinsey, Kinesthetics (Abstract Logix, 2006)
Michael Landau, Live (Tone Centre, 2006)
Various Artists, Code 46 Soundtrack (Commotion Records, 2004)
Matthew Garrison, Shapeshifter (GJP, 2004)
Matthew Garrison, Live (GJP, 2004)
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Tribal Tech, Illicit (Mesa/Bluenote, 1992)

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