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Sheila Jordan: A Life of Honest Expression

By Published: March 12, 2007

AAJ: Sometimes in your shows you talk to the audience and ask them to "be messengers . What's your message?

SJ: My message is don't give up if you're a struggling musician (singers too). Be dedicated to the music. The payment will be making music with other musicians and feeling like one giant sound. In order to get to this level, you have to totally dedicate yourself. Don't give up when times are bad. You will always find a place to do your music. It might take some time but you will find it and that feeling of connecting with other musicians you are playing music with is something that money can never buy.

Selected Discography

Sheila Jordan, Celebration: Live at the Triad (High Note, 2005)
Sheila Jordan, Little Song (High Note, 2003)
Sheila Jordan, The Very Thought of Two (M-A, 2000)
Sheila Jordan, From the Heart (32 Jazz, 2000)
Sheila Jordan, I've Grown Accustomed to the Bass (High Note, 2000)
Sheila Jordan, Sheila's Back in Town [live] (Splasc(h), 1999)
Sheila Jordan, Jazz Child (High Note, 1999)
Sheila Jordan, Heart Strings (Muse, 1993)
Sheila Jordan, One for Junior (Muse, 1991)
Sheila Jordan, Lost and Found (Muse, 1989)
Sheila Jordan, Songs from Within (M-A, 1989)
Sheila Jordan, The Crossing (Black Hawk, 1984)
Sheila Jordan, Old Time Feeling (Muse, 1982)
Sheila Jordan, Sheila (Steeple Chase, 1977)
Sheila Jordan, Confirmation (Eastwind, 1975)
Sheila Jordan, Portrait of Sheila Jordan (Blue Note, 1963)

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Photo Credits
All Photos: Courtesy of Sheila Jordan
Except Second Photo: Juan-Carlos Hernández

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