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By Published: February 9, 2007
Such details can only become apparent when the recording and post-production is top-drawer, as is the case with every TUM release. Haussila is quick to acknowledge the contributions of Henrik Otto Donner and his colleague Esa Santonen, as well as Robert Musso, who engineers TUM's New York sessions. With TUM though, detail is not limited to the music and Andrew Cyrille maintains that the label is one of the best in the business regarding both packaging and musical content. "It's my call, he says of Haussila's willingness to implement requested changes. "He really puts the effort and time into each package. John Tchicai is also grateful to Haussila for facilitating Witch's Scream, a recording with Workman and Cyrille, a wish expressed by Tchicai in a long- forgotten interview. "I'm very grateful, says Tchicai, "But it also shows you that you have to be careful what you say, he adds with characteristic humor.

Assemblage, documentation and presentation set TUM apart and the list of veterans will grow with coming releases: Billy Bang, Roscoe Mitchell, Sam Rivers and Archie Shepp being four prominent American artists to be featured. By no means only devoted to preceeding generations, Haussila promises more to come from Mikko Innanen, one of Finland's finest young saxophonists already featured on three TUM releases, and from guitarist Raoul Björkenheim, whose second album for TUM will be its next release as of this writing. It will be exciting to watch this cosmopolitan label continue to grow and thrive.

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