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An AAJ Interview with Mario Pavone

By Published: January 22, 2007

AAJ: What projects (releases, recording projects, tours) can we expect from you in 2003-2004?

MP: I've just returned from several European tours with both my Nu Trio (with Peter Madsen & Gerald Cleaver) and the co—led Quartet with guitarist Michael Musillami. Several tours are set for 2003 and I'm working on new music for the Quintet (with Tony Malaby and Steven Bernstein). I'm also excited about my relationship with Playscape Recordings and with Michael Musillami—we will release (on Dec. 1, 2002) a new co-led CD entitled Pivot with music composed by both leaders and featuring trombonist Art Baron, drummer George Schuller, and saxophonist George Sovak.

AAJ: Thank you, good sir, for spending time with All About Jazz.

MP: In closing, I would like to add an acknowledgment and thanks to those artists who, so generously, passed on to me their gift for creativity: Paul Bley, Bill Dixon, Anthony Braxton, Leo Smith, Dewey Redman, Marty Ehrlich, and of course the late Thomas Chapin...among many others. Thank you.

Selected Discography

as leader
Digit (Alacra, 1979)
Shodo (Alacra, 1981)
Sharpeville (Alacra, 1988; reissued Playscape, 2000)
Toulon Days (New World/Countercurrents, 1992)
Song for (Septet) (New World/Countercurrents, 1995)
Dancer's Tales (Knitting Factory, 1997)
Remembering Thomas (Knitting Factory, 1999)
Totem Blues (Knitting Factory, 2001)
Mythos (Playscape, 2002)

as co-leader with Michael Musillami
Op-Ed (Playscape, 2000)
Motion Poetry (Playscape, 2001)
Pivot (Playscape, 2002)

as co-leader with Anthony Braxton
Nine Duets (Music and Arts, 1993)
Seven Standards (Knitting Factory, 1994)

with Thomas Chapin
Third Force (Knitting Factory, 1990)
Insomnia (Knitting Factory, 1991)
Anima (Knitting Factory, 1992)
Menagerie Dreams (Knitting Factory, 1994)
Haywire (Knitting Factory, 1996)
Sky Piece (Knitting Factory, 1998)
Nightbird Song (Knitting Factory, 1999)
Alive (8 cd set) (Knitting Factory, 1999)
note: this set is the 7 cds listed above plus one live cd

with Bill Dixon
November 1981 (Soul Note, 1981)
Thoughts (Soul Note, 1985)
Son of Sisyphus (Soul Note, 1988)

with Paul Bley
Canada (Radio Canada, 1968)

with Paul Bley and Annette Peacock
Dual Unity (Tokuma, 1971)

with Michael Pavone
Trio (Playscape, 2001)

with Creative Improvisers Orchestra
The Sky Cries the Blues (CMIF, 1982)

with Samm Bennett
Knitting Factory Tours Europe 1991 (Knitting Factory, 1991)

with Vernon Frazer
Sex Queen of the Berlin Turnpike (Woodcrest, 1988)

with Motation
Live At Hillside (Alacra, 1988)

with Don Rose
Close Opposites (Alacra, 1979)

Photo Credit
Juan-Carlos Hernández

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