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Kenny Barron: A Musical Autobiography

By Published: January 30, 2007
AAJ: You're still teaching, though, right?

KB: Yes, I teach one day a week each at the Manhattan School of Music and Julliard.

AAJ: As long as I'm focusing on education here, let me ask you about your own educational background.

KB: I have a bachelor's degree from Empire State College in New York.

AAJ: Tell me a little bit more about this Barry Harris you mentioned.

KB: He's a pianist; he's fairly well known, actually—he's grounded in bebop, that's his background. He's technical, but he makes it accessible. I can't explain how he does it.

AAJ: I went back and looked at a couple of interviews you did a few years ago for AAJ which discussed some of the bandleaders you've played for...Yusef, and of course Dizzy. You singled out Ron Carter as someone who fostered your own development. Being a bandleader is bit like being a teacher, too, isn't it?

KB: Yeah, it is.

AAJ: What was it about Carter, in that regard, that you liked?

KB: Ron knew what he wanted, you know, and he was able to communicate—I want you do this here, I want you to play soft there. He was able to get that from his players.

AAJ: I interviewed one of your students, trumpeter Terence Blanchard, six years ago when he played here in Des Moines. Between the likes of him and saxophonist David Sanchez, you've had some pretty heavyweight students, yes?

KB: [smiling] Yes, I have.

Selected Discography

Kenny Barron, The Perfect Set: Live At Bradley's II (Sunnyside, 2005)

Kenny Barron, Images (Universal, 2005)

Kenny Barron, A Table for Two (Menus & Music, 2004)

Kenny Barron, Confirmation (Candid, 2003)

Kenny Barron, Live At Bradley's (Sunnyside, 2002)

Kenny Barron, Canta Brasil (2002)

Kenny Barron & Regina Carter, Freefall (Umvd Labels, 2001)

Kenny Barron, Spirit Song (Verve, 2000)

Kenny Barron, Things Unseen (Polygram, 1997)

Kenny Barron, Soft Spoken Here (32 Jazz, 1997)

Kenny Barron, First Half Highlights (32 Jazz, 1997)

Kenny Barron, New York Attitude (Uptown Jazz, 1996)

Kenny Barron & Mino Cinelu, Swamp Sally (Polygram, 1996)

Kenny Barron with Roy Haynes & Charlie Haden, Wanton Spirit (Polygram, 1995)

Kenny Barron, Sunset To Dawn (Muse, 1994)

Kenny Barron, Other Places (Verve, 1994)

Kenny Barron, Sambao (Polygram, 1993)

Kenny Barron, Confirmation (Candid, 1992)

Kenny Barron, Live At Maybeck Recital Hall, Vol. 10 (Concord Jazz, 1991)

Kenny Barron, The Moment (Reservoir, 1991)

Kenny Barron, The Only One (Reservoir, 1990)

Kenny Barron, Scratch (Enja, 1986)

Kenny Barron & Buster Williams, Two as One (Red, 1986)

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Photo Credit

Top Photo: Courtesy of Kenny Barron
All Other Photos: Victor Verney

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