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The Pat Metheny Group: The Way Up-Live

By Published: January 4, 2007

The sophistication reaches its logical conclusion in The Way Up, as the equipment used on location for the concert allows the band to replicate the layered sound of the studio recording. At the same time the advanced technical aspects of the audio and video recording—including the impressive sonic separation of instruments both acoustic and electric—made possible the creation of the DVD itself.

Before spectators of the DVD who are also musician-hopefuls rush out to replicate the music like that on this disc, they might be well advised first to pause and reflect. Metheny's plain-spoken descriptions and down-to-earth geniality all make his work seem casually practical rather than the carefully conceived and executed artistry of the very high order that it is.

Tracks: Opening; Part One; Part Two; Part three.

Personnel: Pat Metheny: guitars; Lyle Mays: piano, keyboards; Steve Rodby: acoustic bass, electric bass; Antonio Sanchez: drums, percussion, electric bass; Cuong Vu: trumpet, vocals, percussion, guitar; Gregoire Maret: harmonica, guitar, vocals, percussion, electric bass; Mando Lauria: guitar, vocals, miscellaneous percussion and instruments.

Production Notes: 91 minutes. Directed and edited by Steve Rodby. Produced by Pat Metheny Recorded April 2005 at LG Arts Center, Seoul, Korea. Extras: interview with Pat Metheny

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