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Nancy King: Overdue Accolades

By Published: January 18, 2007
The title cut of Allyson's album, a duet between the two singers, describes the untimely loss of a forever love. "They weren't sure I'd be able to get through it, admits King, who lost her adult son Joel shortly before the recording of the CD. "You don't think you'll lose your kid. Of all the things that have happened to me in my life, nothing hurt me like that.

Still, King remains steadfast in her conviction that music heals what ails: "I tell everyone everywhere in the world I go to keep music in your life. Save some time to do what deep in your heart you love to do.

One of her last gigs before the Grammys will be the Jazz Standard on Jan. 10th, 2007, a coveted spot on the opening night of the IAJE convention. In March King will undergo hip surgery, leaving her immediate performance schedule after that uncertain. In the glare of Grammy attention that uncertainty will doubtless change—and King may finally find some much-deserved acknowledgment.

Selected Discography

Nancy King, Live at Jazz Standard (with Fred Hersch) (MaxJazz, 2006)
Nancy King/Steve Christofferson, Dreamlands, Vol. 2: The CBC Sessions (Stellar, 2002)

Ray Brown, Some of My Best Friends Are....Singers (Telarc, 1997)

Nancy King/Steve Christofferson/Metropole Orchestra, Straight into your Heart (Mons, 1996)

Nancy King/Glen Moore, Impending Bloom (Justice, 1991)

Steve Wolfe/Nancy King, First Date (Inner City, 1976)

Photo Credit
Dick Bogle

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