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First Time I Saw...

Diana Krall

By Published: November 19, 2006

Towards the end of the set a few over-martini-ed women on our side of the bandstand insisted on standing up and "singing along and clapping while they jiggled their olives to the beat. Krall seemed oblivious. Thankfully, the crowd soon shushed them up. The set ended, and Krall got a well-deserved standing ovation which brought her back for an encore—this time, a solo rendition of an Elton John tune that satisfied both the pop and the jazz fans in the audience. She strode off the stage after taking an awkward bow/curtsey, and two seconds later the rain started and the tennis court cleared out.

Things just seem to fall right into place for this young woman. There's a reason Diana Krall is such a hit, and it's not just good luck. She delivers the music. She may not have the pipes of an Ella, the daring and creativity of a Sarah or a Carmen, or the soul of a Dinah or a Nancy. But she has a reverence for the song and she shares her intimate experience of it with you in a very satisfying way.

This girl probably could have made it on looks, but in the dark studio, nobody sees that you're sexy. The only question is can she sing? And Diana Krall can definitely do that.

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