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Steuart Liebig: Mentone Mentor Merges into the Fast Lane

By Published: November 21, 2006

AAJ: What's coming up?

SL: Going to record the next Minim disk in November. Mentones, I have a whole other disc of material written. We've really been concentrating on playing material from the second disc. We play some of the tunes from what I consider to be the third disc. We'll be playing more of those. Maybe a Panharmonicon sighting in September. I have this band, Seconda Practica, which I have two albums worth of material. Anna and I are going to be doing something, I don't know what it's going to be. Playing with G.E. Stinson and his things. We're doing a trio with Jeremy Drake. A lot of grooves and noise.

Selected Discography:

Steuart Liebig/The Mentones, Nowhere Calling (pfMENTUM, 2006)
The Choirboys, With Strings (pfMENTUM, 2005)
Steuart Liebig/Stigtette, Delta (pfMENTUM, 2005)
Anna Homler/Steuart Liebig Duo, Kelpland Serenades (pfMENTUM, 2005)
Michael Vatcher/Steuart Liebig/Vinny Golia, On the Cusp of Fire and Water (Red Toucan, 2004)
Steuart Liebig/Minim, Quicksilver (pfMENTUM, 2004)
Steuart Liebig/The Mentones, Locustland (pfMENTUM, 2004)
Bone Structure, Bone Structure (Cryptogramophone, 2003)
L. Stinkbug, The Allure of Roadside Curios (Starlight Furniture Company, 2002)
Steuart Liebig/Vinny Golia/Billy Mintz, Antipodes (Cadence Jazz Records, 2001)
Steuart Liebig, Pomegranate (Cryptogramophone, 2001)
Steuart Liebig/Vinny Golia/Billy Mintz, No Train (Cadence Jazz Records, 1998)
Wayne Peet's Doppler Funk, Blasto! (Nine Winds, 1987)

Photo Credit
Courtest of Steuart Liebig

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