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Roger DeVito: Jazz Promotion in the Windy City

By Published: November 8, 2006

DeVito thinks of his role in the "Intimate Jazz Series as more of an old-school host rather than a promoter—someone who establishes a relationship with the crowd. He greets you at the door, making you feel welcome; he seats you and makes sure the service is top-notch. He mingles with the patrons, making sure that their night at the Dolphin is enjoyable. If you're a woman, he'll open up your dinner napkin and place it on your lap, just as in the "old days. You just don't see that kind of personal service in a club anymore; that's what makes the evening so special.

Roger DeVito (Second from Right) with Jimmy Smith group

So why does DeVito, a successful architect, continue his role in the Chicago jazz scene? "I love young talent, says DeVito. "This city is so blessed with the amount of talent that it has. I love to present young people who are starting out in the business. He's proud of the fact that so far on the Thursday nights he's booked at the Dolphin, he's never scheduled the same trio twice. He doesn't plan on doing so for the rest of the year, either. "I could do this almost indefinitely, he says.

For those of us who enjoy the best of the Chicago jazz scene, we certainly hope that Roger DeVito, the man behind the jazz, continues follow his musical passions, so that we can enjoy nights of intimate musical performance for many years to come.

Visit Jazzitup for more info on "Roger DeVito's Intimate Jazz Series" at the Green Dolphin, 2200 N. Ashland Avenue in Chicago. 773-395-0066.

This article was submitted on behalf of Mike Stephen.

Mike Stephen is a freelance musician and writer for Chicago Jazz Magazine. He is also a WGN Radio producer and one of the hosts of WLUW-FM's "Live From the Heartland.

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Courtesy of Chicago Jazz Magazine

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