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Pat Metheny Group: The Way Up - Live

By Published: October 22, 2006
"Part Three," the finale, reintroduces the theme hinted at the beginning of "Part Two." Solos from Metheny and Mays frame a glorious vocal climax signaling a quiet return to the main theme from "Part One," bringing the piece to a satisfying closure. The camera work is excellent, one can see greatly detailed shots of Metheny's fretboard work, Mays digital dexterity, drummer Antonio Sanchez's precision chops, and the other band members' instrumental technique. This concert was shot in high definition with HD DVD and Blue Ray editions forthcoming. The sound, as expected with Metheny releases, is fantastic and offered in PCM stereo, surround sound and DTS.

In sum, this is a DVD easily recommended to PMG fans, and to anyone looking to see one of the best bands of our time perform an incredibly challenging piece at such a high level. Live, The Way Up adds considerable depth and enjoyment to a piece crafted by two of the most brilliant musicians alive. Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays have added to the legacy of long-form composition in jazz, placing their unique stamp on a wonderful tradition that includes Ellington, Mary Lou Williams, Trane, Gil Evans and Mingus, among others.

Tracks: Opening; Part One; Part Two; Part Three

Production Notes: Directed and edited by Steve Rodby. Running time 91 minutes. Special feature includes a 22-minute interview with Pat Metheny.

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