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Sonny Fortune: In Pursuit Of Music

By Published: September 19, 2006

AAJ: I enjoyed reading in the liner notes to Trilogy, your expression of disappointment in yourself when listening to a tape from 30 years ago and hearing you playing some things that you still play. I would think that you might have been proud of yourself because some things you played 30 years ago are still worth playing.

SF: Well that may be one way of looking at it and I can hear that. I think unfortunately what I see in this music, because I remember a group of us saying this in the '60s was that at the rate that this music is moving by the '90s it's going to be unbelievable.! Well here we are, we've past the '90s and I hope, I certainly want, I would like to be able to feel like I'm doing something way far and above what I was doing in the '60s, even if the music itself isn't. Because as crazy as I was then, I actually believed that; I thought that had some worth., so I get a lot of compliments and I appreciate them all, but one that I really appreciate is when someone says to me, "I every time I hear you man, you sound like you're getting better and better —because that's the one I'm working on.

AAJ: Anything in closing?

SF: Just that I'm gassed at what's happening with this label that I'm starting here. It's still got some growing pains and some room to go, but I'm excited about the whole idea, really. I mean it is something and to have these (Blue Note) CDs available again is something. That and that the band with the same personnel (Xavier Davis, Chip Jackson, and Steve John) is going to be back at Sweet Rhythm.

Selected Discography

Sonny Fortune, Trilogy Collection (Four in One/A Better Understanding/From Now On) (Sound Reason, 2005)
Sonny Fortune, Continuum (Sound Reason, 2004)
Elvin Jones, In Europe (Enja, 1991)

Stanley Cowell/Reggie Workman, Great Friends (Black & Blue/Evidence, 1986)

Sonny Fortune, Laying It Down (Konnex, 1984)

Miles Davis, Agharta (Columbia/Legacy, 1975)

McCoy Tyner, Sahara (Milestone/OJC, 1972)

Photo Credits
Top Photo and Photo of Fortune/Ali: John Kelman
Center Photo: Brian Nation

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