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David Binney: Airplanes, Cities, Moods and Vibes

By Published: September 4, 2006
AAJ: Well, you've pretty much concluded this interview. I would be asking you now about upcoming projects, but you've beaten me to the question. Anything else?

DB: Not so much. I've had a steady, three-year period of constant traveling and recording, and now it's sort of all slowed. A lot of people are not working this summer in Europe, because things have changed over there drastically in terms of opportunities for us to play. Also, the World Cup killed a lot of tours. But there are some things coming up in the fall. I pretty much gave up on trying to book my band for the rest of the year because it was becoming hard to do—I was so busy, I couldn't give it the time, and I also just thought, "I'm fine for the rest of the year. I'd really like to have the time to sit around and come up with new projects, compose, practice. I'm studying Indian music now with [tabla player] Samir Chatterjee in Queens, learning the rhythms. It's the first time I've studied in 20 some-odd years, so I'm just doing that. Next year, with all these other records released, I think I'll be touring a lot with different things. But I'm sort of taking the rest of the year off from that and trying to come up with the next project.

Selected Discography

David Binney, Cities and Desire (Criss Cross, 2006)

David Binney, Out of Airplanes (Mythology, 2006)

Joel Harrison, Harrison on Harrison: Jazz Explorations of George Harrison (HighNote, 2005)

David Binney, Bastion of Sanity (Criss Cross, 2005)

Edward Simon & David Binney, Fiestas de Agosto (Red Records, 2005)

David Binney, Welcome to Life (Mythology, 2004)

Alex Sipiagin Sextet, Equilibrium (Criss Cross, 2004)

Joel Harrison with David Binney, So Long 2nd Street: Free Country II (ACT, 2004)

David Binney/Jeff Hershfield, A Small Madness (Auaud, 2003)

Donny McCaslin, The Way Through (Arabesque, 2003)

Jazzhole, Circle of the Sun (Beave Records, 2003)

Joel Harrison, Free Country (ACT, 2003)

David Binney, Balance (ACT, 2002)

David Binney/Edward Simon, Afinidad (Red Records, 2001)

David Binney, South (ACT, 2001)

Fima Ephron, Soul Machine (Tzadik, 2001)

Lan Xang, Hidden Gardens (Naxos Jazz, 2000)

Matthew Garrison, Matthew Garrison (GJP, 2000)

David Gilmore, Ritualism (Kashka Music, 2000)

David Binney, Free to Dream (Mythology, 1999

Drew Gress' Jagged Sky, Heyday (Soul Note, 1998)

Scott Colley, Portable Universe (Freelance, 1998)

Lan Xang, Lan Xang (Mythology, 1998)

Lost Tribe, Many Lifetimes (Arabesque, 1998)

Edward Simon, La Bikina (Mythology, 1998)

David Binney, The Luxury of Guessing (Audioquest, 1995)

Jazzhole, And the Feeling Goes Round (Mesa-Bluemoon, 1995)

Medeski Martin & Wood, It's a Jungle in Here (Grammavision, 1994)

Lost Tribe, Soulfish (Windham Hill/High Street, 1994)

Virgil Moorefield, Distractions on the Way to the King's Party (Cuneiform, 1994)

Lost Tribe, Lost Tribe (Windham Hill, 1993)

David Binney, Point Game (Owl Records/Mesa-Bluemoon, 1991)

Photo Credit

Courtesy of David Binney

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