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Audio High Product Profile

Chord CPM 2600 Integrated Amplifier

By Published: September 5, 2006
Chord Electronics makes two different integrated amps, similar in design, but differing in power and switching frequency. The 2600 integrated amp was built specifically to allow the average music lover to experience the Chord sound at a relatively low price ($6500). Chord's standalone amps range in price from $6,500-$75,000. For $6,500 you get not only the amplifier, but the preamp in an elegant design and with one less set of interconnects to worry about.

All Chord preamps support two buses, and the 2600 is no exception. Because they come from the professional world, Chord designs their products to allow listening on one bus and recording on the other. A home user could use this to listen to two different sources in two different rooms or to play music while recording something else. Or you can do what I do and just listen to bus A and be happy.

The 2600 can be ordered in all silver, as pictured above, or with gold knobs and badge, as the 3300 is shown below.

Chord CPM 3300 Integrated

Where to Buy

class="f-left s-img">Audio High supplies Chord products to all of California and many surrounding states. While we have clients across the country, if you live close to another Chord dealer, you should purchase directly from them. A complete list of Chord dealers can be found here.

All AAJ readers who purchase any product from Audio High receive a gift along with the purchase and in doing so help to support AAJ as well as several non-profit organizations (see the Audio High web site for more details). Just mention AAJ when you order.

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