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Jack DeJohnette: Colors, Grooves, Golden Beams

By Published: August 14, 2006
AAJ: Do you have any favorite bands, of the ones you've played in?

JD: Well, I played with Coltrane, for a week at least, with Rashied Ali and Alice [Coltrane] and Pharoah [Sanders]. That was really tremendous. I also worked with Thelonious Monk, which was really a challenge, and fun as well, And, you know, the Charles Lloyd Quartet, which Keith and I were both in. Working with McCoy Tyner. Joe Henderson. And Henry Grimes—we did a week at Slug's and I have a recording of that, if I can find it somewhere. That was really great. Playing and recording with Freddie Hubbard. Playing with Miles, with Herbie [Hancock] and Ron [Carter], and then again when he went into his electric period with Chick [Corea] and Dave [Holland] and Wayne [Shorter] and then moving into Michael Henderson and Gary Bartz and Keith and Chick together.

And then some of my bands. The Directions band with John Abercrombie. My Special Edition bands, with the different cast of characters who went in and out of there. The last being Greg Osby, Gary Thomas, Lonnie Plaxico, and Mick Goodrick, who's really amazing.

Jack DeJohnetteOh, I want to tell about a few more things that I've been involved with. I have a Latin project, which is a sextet. We played about two or three years ago at the Montreal Jazz Festival, when I was one of the host artists there. I did four nights with different bands. I did one night with a trio with Herbie and Dave Holland, another night with Foday Musa Suso, then with Bobby McFerren, and then the Latin project—which was kind of inspired by Don Byron's Music For Six Musicians (Blue Note, 1995). We do some of those pieces, but also some original stuff from me and from [pianist] Edsel Gomez. The band consists of two more percussionists: Luisito Quintero, on timbales and bongos, and the great Giovanni Hidalgo on the congas. Jerome Harris, again, on the electric bass, and Byron on tenor saxophone and clarinet. We did some APAP [Association of Performing Arts Presenters] tours, about eight concerts in America at the colleges, which went down really well. I haven't recorded the band yet, but it created a lot of excitement and the guys have been asking me when we'll play again. It's really exciting—a lot of drumming! We're a great percussion section. And of course Edsel was pretty wild too. It's a great collection of characters, and the chemistry's great.

I also have a duet project that I've been doing over the years with David Sancious, the keyboardist. He lives up here in Woodstock. I have a number of situations that I do where I don't rehearse anything; one is with Bobby McFerrin, and the other one is David and myself, and we just recently did a concert here in upstate New York at the West Kortright Centre. It was really fantastic, so somewhere down the line, maybe we'll put something out with that.

Anyway [laughing], I'm not doing too much, as you can tell.

AAJ: Yeah, I was going to suggest that you might want to actually start doing something instead of slacking off in upstate New York. You know, it really seems that you have more options than ever with your label to release all these projects.

JD: Yeah. It's a great time. It's funny—did you see the American Masters program on Bob Dylan?

AAJ: No Direction Home? Yes, I liked it so much I bought the DVD.

JD: One of the things that my wife and I, and some other friends who were around in those times, were saying was that it was about substance then: what have you got to say? There were a lot of areas, a lot of people pushing the boundaries of things. And we need more of that. Not just music. We need new people. We need to open up to things. Not to say that people aren't doing those things, or thinking those ways that they did then. But we need to open up the channels to get this new surge of practical-but-creative, organic ideas to make this a better place for life to exist.

Selected Discography

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Up For It (ECM Records, 2003)

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Photo Credits

First Photo: Jimmy Katz / Courtesy of ECM Records

Second Photo: Roberto Cifarelli / Phocus Agency / Courtesy of ECM Records

Photo of Trio Beyond: Roberto Cifarelli / Phocus Agency / Courtesy of ECM Records

Bottom Photo: Roberto Masotti / Courtesy of ECM Records

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