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Chick Corea's Spirit of Creativity

By Published: March 28, 2003

AAJ: Times change, but the scene that jazz people grew up in, with jam sessions and hanging out and going to Minton's, Dizzy taking people to his house and showing them things, doesn't seem to exist anymore. There's a lot of great music schools, but that kind of organic, learn-from-each-other thing doesn't seem to be there.

CC: As my lifestyle changed, when you start to lead your own band, it's very different from being a youngster and getting your face into everything you can get into. I think those scenes still exist. New York is a great example. It has a very burgeoning underground, musicians all over the city who are making things happen. Probably not in the same way as years ago. I still think that the problem is the same. The problem is both society and the environment have to make it a little more encouraging for artists to do their thing.

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