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Adam Unsworth: Defying Convention

By Published: August 8, 2006
Adam UnsworthAAJ: What are your favorites of the ensemble tunes and what are the stories behind some of those tunes?

AU: "Excerpt This! is one of my favorites and basically, I just tried to write the hardest thing I could think of to play. I really like "Third Time's the Charm just as far as the structure is concerned. As a composition, I like the feel of it, the melody and how it flows as a composition.

AAJ: It's a really balanced composition.

AU: Yeah, and it peaks with the violin solo and Diane does a really amazing job with the energy in that violin solo. If I had to label one as my favorite, it would be that one. But I like them all. It's hard not to like them when you wrote them, I guess.

AAJ: So what is the meaning of the title "Excerpt This! ?

AU: The title itself is one that's very full of attitude that sort of shows a little disdain for the classical training where you just play excerpts ad nauseam in the hopes of perfection someday. It's not disdain for anyone in particular but just for that methodology that sort of sucks the life out of your creative juices.

I see that all the time with students and I've felt that with myself, too. I felt that the more I practiced and the more I focused on trying to be perfect, the less creativity I had and the less I enjoyed the instrument.

This is a complete break from that for me, which is incredibly refreshing, and so for me to throw that title in there, it's a bit of a challenge to the classical community and to horn players to do something else with their instrument and, even more, check out this CD and try to play it.

Selected Discography

Adam Unsworth, Excerpt This! (Self-published, 2006)

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Jessica Griffin

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