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White Night Music Marathon Shines in Tel Aviv

By Published: July 28, 2006
It was 5:30 and the dawn began descending over Tel Aviv City when the last notes faded away and listeners began leaving the hall. A celebration of jazz and sound, modern and avant-garde music which began eleven hours earlier and had enraptured a capacity audience, came to a close. This year's hugely successful festival by far surpassed its predecessor and we are already looking forward to the next year, the third Tel Aviv White Night Festival.

Personnel: Slava Ganelin: piano; John Tchicai: sax; Kinetic Trio: acoustic/electronics; Arkadi Gottesman: drums; Steve Horenstein: Sax; Spheres Duo: paino vibraphone & percussion; Mark O'Leary: guitar; Olga Magieres: piano; Julyen Hamilton: dance; Harold Rubin Trio; Albert Begger Trio; Jean-Claude Jones: bass; Yuval Messner: cello; Loic Kessous: electronics; Noam David: drums; Assif Tzahar Trio; Amit Dolberg: piano; The Tel Aviv Art Ensemble; Maya Dunitz; John Bostok: piano; Chameleon Trio; Yuval Ron and The Residents of the Future; Ariel Shibolet: sax; Noam Lachish: oboe; at all.

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