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Big Band Report

Tennis Balls & WBEZ Balls

By Published: July 9, 2006

New and Noteworthy

  1. Phil Woods/Los Angeles Jazz Orchestra, Unheard Herd (Jazzed Media)
  2. Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra, Port Chicago (Noir Records)
  3. Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Up From The Skies (Planet Arts)
  4. Bud Shank Big Band, Taking The Long Way Home (Jazzed Media)
  5. Millennium Jazz Orchestra, Oatts Notes (Jazz 'n Pulz)
  6. Scott Whitfield Jazz Orchestra East, Diamonds For Nat (Summit)
  7. Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, Sacred Music Of Duke Ellington (Origin)
  8. Dutch Jazz Orchestra, The Lady Who Swings The Band (Challenge)
  9. Manhattan School Of Music, Contemporary Jazz Composition (MSM)
  10. Rick Holland Little Big Band, In Time's Shadow (BluJazz)
  11. Vic Vogel Big Band, Hangin' Loose (VV Records)
  12. Northern Illinois U Jazz Ensemble, Swinging Every Which Way But Loose (UNI)
  13. US Navy Commodores, Three Shades Of Blue (USNC)
  14. Magnus Lindgren/Malmo Opera Orchestra, Music For The Neighbours (Amigo Musik)
  15. Shenandoah University Jazz Ensemble, SU Jazz 2005 (SU)

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