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2006 Rochester International Jazz Festival

By Published: July 7, 2006
Track 16: "Untitled" by Wayne Shorter
The name of the second tune in Shorter's set probably wasn't "Untitled," but I sure couldn't recognize which tune it was. Not that it mattered. When Shorter picked up his soprano sax and started to go, all other thoughts were pushed from my mind and it was all I could do to remember to breathe. Amazing. Legendary. Wayne.

Track 17: "Mingle in the Mincing-Machine" by E.S.T.
The Esbjorn Svensson Trio (aka E.S.T.) is finding new things to do with a piano, bass and drums. Case in point, this audiofest featured tubular industrial effects on the bass like Ravi Shankar in a Cuisinart, driving piano from Svensson, and a drum solo with effects made by what sounded like the first ENIAC computer. The whole thing will fold your mind into a nice package, suitable for mailing.

So there you have it. Pop this mixtape in your backpack and find a nice place to relax while you dig the sounds from Rochester, NY. Truly one of the hippest places on the planet—at least in June.

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