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Creed Taylor, Incorporated: The AAJ Interview, Part 3-3: 2004 State of the Union

By Published: July 7, 2004
AAJ: You are expanding your online presence at these days, too?

CT: We need all the support we can possibly get compiling links to our internet presence because the competition is just so heavy. I am trying to build this website so that if a customer calls, I will certainly talk to any customer about the quality of whatever and why it's on the website, what we're doing now. Like you and I are talking.

I like to hear from customers and I'd like certainly to be very clear about the fact that this is the means of distribution of the jazz that I'm involved with now because the large companies are so consolidated—and continue to consolidate, if the BGM-Sony thing goes through, if the Europeans let them do it, I don't know if it's going to happen. But ask a guy on the street who is a jazz fan or whatever music fan, "Who has Verve Records now, do you know? Or who has Motown or who has A&M? Where is CTI? What is Sony?"

Visit CTI Records on the web.

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Freddy Warren (in studio)

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