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Fred Ho: We Refuse To Be Used And Abused

By Published: May 30, 2006
But this is only the tip of the Fred Ho iceberg. Besides being a creative baritone saxophonist Fred is a brilliant composer of many large and small-scale pieces often commissioned by many important arts organizations throughout the United States. He wrote the first contemporary Chinese American opera which premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music called A Chinaman's Chance which is based on a bilingual Chinese and English libretto and combined traditional Chinese and Western instruments. He also composed music for a number of theater pieces. One is called A Song for Manong: Part III of Bamboo That Snaps Back which was a tribute to Filipino immigrant laborers in the United States. For this piece Fred combined indigenous kulintang music and dance with his own jazz musical visions. The Journey Beyond the West: The New Adventures of Monkey! is another great musical theater piece that is based on the popular Chinese trickster Monkey and was performed at the Joseph Papp Theater. Fred also wrote Turn Pain into Power, a multimedia oratorio written in both Spanish and English. Also to Fred's credit is a martial arts ballet and music theater epic called Once Upon a Time in Chinese America, a vampire opera called Night Vision: A Third to First World Vampyre Opera as well as a feminist fantasy action opera called Warrior Sisters: The New Adventures of African and Asian Womyn Warriors. In addition Fred has edited a couple of great books. One is called Legacy to Liberation: Politics and Culture of Revolutionary Asian Pacific America and the other is titled Sounding Off! Music as Subversion/Resistance/Revolution. For years Fred has been giving lectures at Universities all over the U.S. sharing his political knowledge and musical insights. He's received more awards than you can shake a stick at and has recorded over a dozen albums under his own name. A few recommended ones are: Tomorrow is Now! on Soul Note (Named best album of the year by the Chicago Observer and Village Voice choice album of the decade), Bamboo That Snaps Back on Finnadar/Atlantic (Coda magazine critics choice album of the year), We Refuse to be Used and Abused on Soul Note (Village Voice choice album of the decade), The Underground Railroad to My Heart also on Soul Note (Village Voice best albums of 1994) and any of the soundtracks to his musical theater works and operas.

Fred Ho is a brilliant musician and human being who helps me to keep my faith in the future of jazz and the world at large. Go check him out as soon as you can and don't forget to keep in touch!

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