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Creed Taylor, Incorporated: The AAJ Interview, Part 2-3

By Published: July 6, 2004
AAJ: Moving forward to more recent CTI releases, how did Jurgen Friedrich's Summerflood and your compilation Absolute Brass come about?

CT: I didn't produce Summerflood, Jurgen brought it to me from Germany. He just showed up at the office because he had been listening to Gil Evans and I happened to produce a lot of Gil Evans stuff and so he thought he had something, certainly compositionally, that would appeal to me, and he knew the CTI label. The irony of the thing is that around this same time he won the annual Gil Evans composer award.

As for Absolute Brass, it was the availability of those particular rights of compilation. I just thought, wow, here we've got Art Farmer, Chet Baker, Wynton Marsalis, even though the more popular he gets with society in general the farther away he seems to get from what he started from, his jazz base. But I enjoy listening to him.

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Freddy Warren (in studio)

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