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Peter Madsen: Comfortable Inside and Out

By Published: June 5, 2006

"I wrote some music to the Nine Greek Muses. There is a great trumpet player that lives in my area. He's also a great classical player. I wrote this music and thought it would be great for trumpet and piano, I had another friend of mine write some poetry to these Nine Muses, so it's an interesting project.

Interesting seems to be a theme, for which listeners can be glad.

Selected Discography

Peter Madsen, Prevue of Tomorrow (Playscape, 2006)
Mario Pavone, Deez to Blues (Playscape, 2006)
Michael Musillami Trio, Dachau (Playscape, 2005)
Michael Musillami Octet, Spirits (Playscape, 2004)
Mario Pavone, Boom (Playscape, 2004)
Peter Madsen, Sphere Essence: Another Side of Monk (Playscape, 2003)
Mario Pavone Nu Trio/Quintet, Orange (Playscape, 2003)
Mario Pavone, Totem Blues (Knitting Factory, 2001)
Carla White, The Sweetest Sounds (DIW, 2000)
Fred Wesley, Full Circle: From Bebop to Hip-Hop (Cleopatra, 1999)
Fred Ho & the Afro Asian Music Ensemble, Turn Pain into Power (O.O. Discs, 1997)
Mario Pavone, Dancer's Tales (Knitting Factory, 1997)
Three of a Kind, Three of a Kind (Minor Music, 1996)
Three of a Kind, Meets Mr. T. (Minor Music, 1995)
Thomas Chapin, You Don't Know Me (Arabesque, 1994)
Mario Pavone, Song for (Septet) (New World, 1993)
Peter Madsen, Snuggling Snakes (Minor Music, 1992)
Carla White, Listen Here (Evidence, 1991)
Fred Ho & The African Asian Music Ensemble, The Underground Railroad to My Heart (Soul Note, 1990)
Carla White, Mood Swings (Milestone, 1988)

Note: Peter Madsen contributed a column to AAJ called Wide Open Jazz and Beyond from June 1999 till May 2002. During its run, Peter provided various opinions on jazz and improvisation, and featured many of the artists he performed with over the years like Dewey Redman, Pee Wee Ellis, Don Cherry, Matt Wilson, Thomas Chapin, Stan Getz, and Lennie Tristano.

Photo Credit: Juan-Carlos Hernández

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