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Back in the Saddle

By Published: June 30, 2004
Taran Singh, an Indian youngster in Paris who runs his own two hours of daily Free Jazz show, wrote to me recently and it really warmed the cockles of my heart to use a quaint rarely heard expression here for want of anything more substantial. His focused manner, and total dedication to jazz [he dreams of having his own Jazz Radio station, a record label, his own Jazz festival] seem miraculously astonishing to me. I get the same feeling when I see young persons barely out of their teens, in India, where Jazz has always been confined to fractions of a percent, struggling with improvements in technique, practice practice, and more practice –and no one seems to need an escape into any other form of music.

Teena, who used to redirect’s CDs to me from Chicago recently relocated to India. She has picked up this habit of listening to Jazz on the internet radio and she perceptively observes that it makes a great sort of background music when she is concentrating on her multimedia design stuff. Good habit, I must say.

A lot of good friends, notably Scott Dolan, who is turning into a jazz writer himself, and many others who wrote to me, asking me why the column had disappeared [one whimsical young member of the audience for a jazz workshop I did last year, wanted to know if I was alive...well the doubt is legit I must say] let me give my cordial thanks. Most of all to those who sent me CD’s and are patiently awaiting my reviews. Mathias from Dresden sent me two C. Niemen CD’s which was mighty sweet of him. Finally, thanks to Michael Ricci who welcomed me back with a great warmth. I intend to stay on, folks and share my journey into jazz with you all.


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