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By Published: July 3, 2004
Of course, with barely three years under their belt, a twenty-odd strong roster is nothing to be ashamed of - especially with the regularity and pure aesthetic statement garnered by many of the releases so far. Upcoming releases worth mentioning include a reeds-bass duo from Anthony Braxton and Joe Fonda, as well as the Julius Hemphill Sextet (now directed by Marty Ehrlich, featuring the late Sam Furnace), work by Charles Gayle, Vinny Golia and Bobby Bradford. At some point, Clean Feed hopes to negotiate releases by such figures as Cecil Taylor, Peter Br'tzmann, Sam Rivers and William Parker, and judging by the pace that they are keeping so far, it is just a matter of time.

In days when it seems that small labels are regularly gobbled up by larger corporations, and even gigs are parlayed off to national (and international) media conglomerates, it is a refreshing thought that independent labels still not only exist, but thrive and grow strong in the creative music world. This writer was recently told that jazz existed for math-loving black turtleneck wearers, certainly a shade of a bygone era. But to those who are involved with this thing we call improvisation, it's a different sweater, maybe a bit holey but rewoven each time one puts it on. Even in the annals of free improvisation, there is a tendency to revisit its history and bemoan the passing of the '60s and '70s, or the 'golden era'. Yet the descriptors that Costa frequently uses to describe the music that he - that we - enjoy is that it is 'of our time'. It is contemporary, and should both be played and treated as such. Further, 'we feel that we should' show the people that jazz is very much alive. Fortunately we have a lot of people supporting us, from musicians to critics and listeners. We would love to come to a time where we can feel we added something to creative music that was not there before.' This is the sort of creative globalization that we can all thrive with.

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