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Vision Festival 9: Vision For A Just World

By Published: June 29, 2004

Raphe Malik was one of four trumpeters creating intense brass magic as part of Matt Lavelle’s Nemesis at the Fusion Arts afternoon festival.

The double bass attack from Matt Heyner and Todd Nicholson, combined with the explosive drumming of Jackson Krall, propelled saxophonist Ras Moshes to consistent highs at Fusion Arts.

Butch Morris used the conduction method to extract brilliant passages from a 21-member orchestra, conveying through his dark New York Skyscraper piece the feeling of melancholy and despair.

Alan Silva returned to his first love and joined three others bassists - William Parker, Sirone, and Henry Grimes - in a group that also featured saxophonist Charles Gayle. The closing festival performance, dedicated to deceased bassists Wilber Morris and Peter Kowald, was overwhelming in its inventiveness and compassionate execution.

All Photos by Frank Rubolino

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