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Ron Hudson: Jazz on the Focal Plane

By Published: April 27, 2006
Hudson, with the help of his friend, Rick Carroll, is also writing a book about his work. It will feature many of the images from his collection and will include antidotes about the shots. He hopes to have it out in time for the 50th anniversary of the Monterey Jazz Festival.

Ron Hudson has given us a glimpse into jazz history, offering us a view that is both intimate and powerful. "There's something about looking at some of these people through a lenses. You begin... they become icons when you start looking through the lenses. They get so big...their're touching their faces almost. He shows no sign of quitting anytime soon but he is mindful that like many of the artists he has photographed, one day he too will be gone.

His hope is for his work to live on after his death and has recently spoken with the chair of the archive division at the Smithsonian about a home for his collection someday. Housing a collection such as Hudson's is a complicated undertaking with many details to be considered. For now, Hudson is musing over his options.

Hudson and I talked for almost three hours. It was an enchanting afternoon, and I felt honored for the opportunity to get to know such an exceptional and delightful man. I did not want to leave. On a final note, I asked Hudson if he was satisfied. "As far as this music goes, I've had an awful lot of fun doing this. You know, I've heard some wonderful music and I've met some great people and I don't think I would do it any differently.

View Ron Hudson's photographs at the Photo Gallery.

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