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The Bill Horvitz Band: The Disappearance (2006)

By Published: April 21, 2006
The Bill Horvitz Band: The Disappearance One-time New York downtown scene guitarist Bill Horvitz aligns with saxophonist Steve Adams of ROVA and drummer Joseph Sabella for this jaunty, bass-less trio set. The title might refer to his occasional absence from the global jazz scene, but the music marks a jubilant return to action.

The trio navigates through nooks and crannies with an up-tempo mode of attack. Subtle traces of North African modal concepts, funky grooves and tricky unison maneuvers allow the band to generate a powerful impetus. Adams' whirling sax lines serve as a strong foil for Horvitz' multipurpose voicings and scathing single-note flurries; the latter periodically cranks up the volume controls for an avant-rock effect. Sparked with loose grooves and torrid soloing endeavors, the trio mixes it up rather nicely.

This divergent session also features a few introspective moments where the artists dig deep from within. Other highlights include wily free bop pieces and intricately designed three-way dialogues where the band goes for broke. Ultimately, I hope that Horvitz doesn't wane from the jazz scene for an extended period. This optimistic gathering of like-minded musicians packs a prodigious wallop! Eagerly recommended.

Track Listing: The Irish Smile; The Disappearance; Zoom; Heart Rumors; Archives; Trapeze Girl; Puck; Diatribe, Part 2; Hand of Man; York Island Retreat; The Truth of Fiction.

Personnel: Bill Horvitz: electric and acoustic guitar; Steve Adams: alto, tenor saxophone, bass flute; Joseph Sabella: drums.

Record Label: Evander Music

Style: Modern Jazz

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