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Pat Martino: At One with His Favorite Toy

By Published: April 24, 2006
Pat Martino, Remember: A Tribute to Wes Montgomery (Blue Note, 2006)
Pat Martino, Think Tank (Blue Note, 2003)
Pat Martino, First Light (Starbright, 1976 and Joyous Lake, 1977 on one CD) (Savoy Jazz, 2003)
Joey DeFranceso, Ballads and Blues (Concord, 2002)
Pat Martino, Live at Yoshi's (Blue Note, 2001)
Philadelphia Experiment, Philadelphia Experiment (Atlantic, 2001)
Pat Martino, The Maker (Muse, 1994)
Royce Campbell, Six by Six: A Jazz Guitar Celebration (Moon Cycle, 1994)
Pat Martino, The Return (Muse, 1987)
Pat Martino, We'll Be Together Again (Savoy Jazz, 1976)
Pat Martino, Exit (Muse, 1976)
Pat Martino, Consciousness (Muse, 1974)
Pat Martino, Live! (Muse, 1972)
Pat Martino, Footprints (Muse, 1972)
Pat Martino, Desperado (Prestige, 1970)
Eric Kloss, In the Land of Giants (Prestige, 1969)
Pat Martino, Bayina (The Clear Evidence) (Prestige, 1968)
Pat Martino, East! (Prestige, 1968)
Charles McPherson, From This Moment On (Prestige, 1968)
Pat Martino, El Hombre (Prestige, 1967)
Pat Martino, Strings! (Prestige, 1967)
John Handy, New View (Prestige, 1967)
Richard "Groove" Holmes, Blues Groove (Prestige, 1966)
Willis "Gator" Jackson, Soul Nite Live! (Prestige, 1964)

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Photo Credits:
Top photo: Jimmy Katz
Second photo: Brian O'Connor
Third photo: Richard Timbers II
Bottom photo: Jos L. Knaepen

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