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Lee Rocker: Road Tested, American Made

By Published: April 10, 2006

AAJ: You're a guy who could easily be described as someone who was born to the road. It seems to follow that you must have seen some pretty insane stuff. Could you share a funny moment or two from the road?

LR: Oh, man, there's so many...from either getting left or leaving someone at a truck stop when someone wasn't keeping track of who left the bus and who didn't, which happened a lot, especially before cell phones, to just the gig after the gig sometimes, when you would just kind of get together and play.

I remember one time we were on tour with Dave Edmunds and his band. Somehow after the gig we decided that we were going to set up in the hotel bar and do another gig. I just remember his keyboard player at the time, who's gonna remain nameless, so we were playing and he was playing piano and he had fallen asleep on the keyboard. So we decided that he was playing piano through osmosis. He was sounding great.

But there's a million things. It's a great life. I've been on the road for twenty-five, twenty-six years now.

AAJ: The new record also mentions a lot of cars?

LR: I love cars. I've had a couple of great cars over the years. I'm looking around for something now—a buddy of mine says he's got a '59 Cadillac to show me. I recently had a 1970 Chevelle Supersport with a 396, that was a lot of fun.

AAJ: When it eventually happens and you pass through those pearly gates, what's the car that's waiting for you in heaven? If you got only one?

LR: I would say a car I had a couple of years ago, which was a '59 Ford Skyliner. That's the car with the hardtop retractable roof. I had one that actually worked, which is really a rarity.

AAJ: You're on the road for the time being, or you're back from the road, or...?

LR: I'm heading back out again. I just finished the West Coast and Midwest, I leave next week for an East Coast tour, and I'm pretty much on the road quite a bit between, well I would say between now and August but for the rest of this year, really. There's always the new stuff, what's going on at the website.

Selected Discography

Lee Rocker, Racin' the Devil (Alligator, 2006)
Lee Rocker, Burnin' Love: The Best of Lee Rocker (Harder Than Normal, 2004)
Lee Rocker, Upright and Kickin' (Raucous, 2003)
Lee Rocker, Bulletproof (33rd Street, 2003)
Swing Cats, Swing Cat Stomp (Cleopatra, 2000)
Stray Cats, Rockabilly Rules: At Their Best Live (Essential, 2000)
Hot Rod Lincoln, Blue Cafe (Hot Rod Lincoln, 1998)
Lee Rocker, Lee Rocker Live (J-Bird, 1999)
Lee Rocker, No Cats (Solid Discs, 1998)
Carl Perkins, Go Cat Go (Dinosaur, 1996)
Lee Rocker, Atomic Boogie Hour (Black Top, 1995)
Lee Rocker, Big Blue (Black Top, 1994)
Dave Edmunds, Closer to the Flame (Capitol, 1990)
Phantom, Rocker & Slick, Phantom, Rocker & Slick (EMI, 1985)
Stray Cats, Rant 'n Rave with the Stray Cats (EMI, 1983)
Stray Cats, Stray Cats (Arista, 1980)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lee Rocker

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