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Gregg Keplinger: Drum Fight at the GK Corral

By Published: May 6, 2006
"I remember photographing and interviewing Gregg with Daniel Carter and Reuben Radding at Jack Straw Studios the first time they played together. He was playing an incredibly rare '65 Rogers kit with an 18-inch bass drum and one of his own hand-crafted stainless steel snare drums. The sound was just massive. Between the performances of those three guys, I couldn't keep my jaw off of the floor. I mean, you can forget about creative stagnation in this arena. The guy's music is so fluid that it is like it comes from an underground spring or something. ~ Jack Gold

Gregg Keplinger: A Selected Discography

Absurd World Country
(Monhart/Keplinger, 2005)
Mike Monhart - saxophone
Gregg Keplinger - drums
Ann Talbott - guitar
Zack Reinig - guitar
Achil Jackson - voice
Tom Swafford - violin
Mike Monhart - tenor sax
Dan O'Brien - bass
Kevin Suggs - pedal steel
Tom Skoog - trumpet
Emily Bishton - vocals
Adam Diller - tenor sax
Rich Phillips - piano
Zac Bogart - guitar
Stone Gossard - bass
Steve Griggs - tenor sax
Jorge Meza - voice
Bill White - guitar
Paul Kikuchi - piano
Eric Apoe - voice
Jeff Harper - bass

Not Out For Anywhere
(Sol Disk, 2005)
Daniel Carter - horns
Reuben Radding - bass
Gregg Keplinger - drums
various artists
"The year after Language, I planned a second record with Reuben and Daniel—same scene, plus a ton of other cats for a big free blow. I liked it."

Lost Valentine
(Sol Disk, 2003)
Wally Shoup - alto saxophone
Reuben Radding - bass
Gregg Keplinger - drums
recorded live at the Sunset Tavern
"This group was conceived by Wally. For some reason, he didn't want to front it, so I reluctantly took it on. This pretty much speaks for itself - a free blow in a bar."

(Origin, 2003)
Daniel Carter - horns
Reuben Radding - bass
Gregg Keplinger - drums
"Reuben thought Daniel and I would hit it off, and we did in many ways; same age/era growing up and we both saw Coltrane live - a huge influence! The (live) gig was very freeing and positive so I thought it would be cool to make a record."

(Origin, 2000)
Rick Mandyck - tenor saxophone
Gregg Keplinger - drums
"Rick Mandyck on tenor...Wow!!!! We both love Coltrane & Elvin, etc. John Bishop from Origin Records made it all go down. Thanks, John and Rick."

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