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Chris Potter: Raising the Bar

By Published: April 17, 2006
CP: There's already probably an album's worth of material in the band's book that we've been developing, so I'm hoping at some point to get that documented and get that out there, too. Because the band is really on kind of a high at the moment.

AAJ: Are there plans to tour the States again soon?

CP: Probably not until this time next year.

AAJ: Well, try to get down to Texas. It's not all Republicans, I promise.

CP: [laughs] Well, I'll have to come there and see for myself.

Complete Discography
Chris Potter, Underground (Sunnyside, 2006)
Chris Potter, Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard (Sunnyside, 2004)
Chris Potter, Traveling Mercies (Verve, 2002)
Chris Potter, Gratitude (Verve, 2001)
Chris Potter, Vertigo (Concord, 1998)
Chris Potter, Unspoken (Concord, 1997)
Chris Potter, Moving In (Concord, 1996)
Chris Potter, Sundiata (Criss Cross, 1995)
Chris Potter, Pure (Concord, 1995)
Chris Potter, Concentric Circles (Concord, 1994)
Chris Potter, Presenting Chris Potter (Criss Cross, 1994)

Photo Credits
Top Photo: Drew Goren
Middle Photo: Lourdes Delgado

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