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Donald Fagen Band in Westbury, NY

By Published: March 25, 2006

Not one to ignore his influences, Fagen and friends delivered some inspired covers. Fagen introduced the first cover tune about two-thirds of the way through his set by saying that the band was going to perform an old Jack Teagarden tune, written by Charlie DeVere. Fagen then made the wry off-hand comment "yeah, you all know Charlie DeVere" and began to play "Misery and the Blues." This amazing, heartfelt song featured Michael Leonhart and Walt Weiskopf on two phenomenal solos and the gut-wrenching lyrical passage: "Blues in the mornin'/Misery in the evenin'/I wish I never met you/I'll let the devil get you." On a lighter note, the concert ended with another cover. The second encore was the upbeat Chuck Berry nugget "Viva Rock 'n' Roll."

Fagen was very into the music; at times he appeared to be channeling Ray Charles as he wore his glasses and leaned and bopped to the music behind his keyboard. This was a remarkable show. Fagen and his band delivered the songs with a musicianship that cannot be taught. It's a gift and the audience felt every bit of it as their gift was shared.

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