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Meet Bassist/Vocalist Kristin Korb

By Published: June 3, 2004

International Society of Bassists

I love that group, the nicest people on the planet. It's opened up my eyes and ears. ISB meets every two years in June—the next one will be in Kalamazoo in 2005. 700 bass players from all over the world get together. You're hanging out with the top orchestral players in the world, young students, amateur players who've chosen another line of work but still love to play, avant-garde players, Christian McBride, Rufus Reid, Duncan McTier, bass ensembles like Basso Amoroso from Munich, Brazilian players. You get to meet the bass makers from Germany, Brazil, everywhere. Last year was the first bass makers competition—seventeen basses from all over the world. There were three tone judges and three craftsman judges looking into every corner with measurements and flashlights. For the tone judges we had an orchestral player, a classical soloist, and then me. We got to play all seventeen basses for each other, the same passage on every bass. It went from guys who it was the first bass they ever made to people with bass making as a family tradition. Daniel Hatches from Albuquerque made a wonderful bass. There are basses being made with wood that's been drying for 150 years. It's wonderful to feel the love in these instruments—it's not plywood, not made by machines. I'm on the ISB Board of Directors. I'm so honored they asked me to do it. I've been working with airlines to help get a system in place to transport our basses, and I'm working on a web page to list places for traveling bassists to rent instruments in various cities, repair shops that will give quick turnaround, stick bass issues, cab services that will transport a bass once you get to your destination, things like that. Electric bass players—that's an area we're looking at encorporating more. Upright and electric players don't tend to mix too much except in jazz—it's a different mentality. One of my hopes is that at the next conference Todd and I will play.

ISB web site:

The Jazz Cruise

I've got that first one coming up in November. To me it's like a jazz party. My trio is so cool—Alan Pasqua on piano and Mark Ferber on drums. It'll be a departure, a bit left of center. I want to work on some new arrangements with that trio. Alan's been writing some folk-like melodies lately. We'll do some of the older stuff, too.

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