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Back Roads Beat

The 2006 Panama Jazz Festival

By Published: February 7, 2006
He has been interested in jazz for years despite few formal chances to study it ("you have to learn alone"), and played with Paz for three years after impressing the trumpeter during an audition at the local university. The hotel and restaurant gigs began when he approached them and auditioned about three years ago. Luz Campos, whose background is classical music, said she became interested and started performing a couple of years ago because of her husband's work.

The remoteness of the audience at the hotel didn't seem to bother them and they, like many other players, think more locals will focus on their music as the attempts at cultural revival take hold.

"Other people who are not musicians don't have the culture to listen to jazz," Carlos Campos said. "That is the work of Danilo right now. In the future, three to five years from now, I think it will be a very good country to come to for jazz."

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