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Vision Festival Vol. 3 CD/DVD/Book

By Published: January 18, 2006

DVD: Matthew Shipp Quartet featuring Daniel Carter: "Surface and Dream, Excerpt #2; William Parker's Jeanne Lee Project: "Song for Jeanne Lee; Whit Dickey Quartet: "Coalescence Two; Patricia Nicholson's PaNic w/Joseph Jarman/Cooper-Moore: "Rise Up (further); Thomas Buckner Open Roscoe Mitchell/Jerome Cooper: "Improvisation #1073, Excerpt #2; Jin Hi Kim with William Parker/Billy Bang: "Once Again; Kali Z. Fasteau Group w/ Maria MIitchell (Dance): "Ganapati's Dance; Andrew Cyrille/Kidd Jordan/William Parker: "Junction; Roy Campbell/Joe McPhee Quartet: "False Selections and Elections; Rob Brown's Resonance w/ William Parker/Henry Grimes: "Resonance Excerpt #2."

Additional DVD material: Interviews with William Parker, Matthew Shipp, Rob Brown, Roy Campbell, Whit Dickey, Steve Dalachinsky, Jeff Schlanger, Jo Wood Brown, Yuko Otomo, and Vision Festival founder/dancer Patricia Nicholson.

Visit the Vision Festival on the web.

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