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Ben Dixon

By Published: May 6, 2004
Then in 1997, retired from his city job with his children graduated from college, he picked up where he left off. Discouraged by the state of popular music he started a band and went into the schools with a program called Live at Lunch, to expose children to their cultural heritage. In 2000 he made his first record as a leader, Say Yes To Your Best , an organ trio outing. Recently at Fat Cat he fired up a night billed as a B-3 bash. Now he’s ready to bring his sextet in the club. “I feel the best way that I can leave a legacy as far as this music is concerned is to get the young cats with me and give them the benefit of my experience.” It’s the experience of a lifetime lived right without missing a beat.

Recommended Listening:
Ray Draper - Tuba Sounds (Prestige-OJC, 1957)
Grant Green - Grant’s First Stand (Blue Note, 1961)
Baby Face Willette - Stop and Listen (Blue Note, 1961)
Lou Donaldson - Natural Soul (Blue Note, 1962)
Harold Vick - Steppin’ Out! (Blue Note, 1963)
Ben Dixon - Say Yes To Your Best (American Classical Jazz, 2000)

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