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Tatsuya Yoshida

By Published: January 1, 2006
"I need to use a different approach when playing with jazz musicians, he said. "But it feeds back to rock improvisation. I haven't listened to jazz so much. I probably have only ten records of jazz. When I listen to records, I don't focus on drumming but focus on the music. My favorite drummers must be favorite composers, for example Christian Vander and Charles Hayward.

During the third week in December, Yoshida's improvisational skills will be on display at The Stone in Manhattan's East Village. He'll play duets with Zorn and a pair of pianists—Sylvie Courvoisier and Jamie Saft—as well as with the remarkable Japanese multi-instrumentalist Yoshihide Otomo. He'll also present some of his rock projects, using Trevor Dunn, Jon Madof, Ron Anderson, Shanir Blumenkranz and Timothy Dahl to fill out the line-ups.

"I'm excited to be playing with these musicians, he said. "I have never played with most of them. I don't have any thoughts about playing with them. I will just listen and respond.

Recommended Listening:

Satoko Fujii, Zephyros (NATSAT, 2004)
Satoko Fujii/Tatsuya Yoshida, Toh-Kichi (Victo, 2002)

The Slash Trio, Live at Motion Blue (Polystar, 2001)

Tatsuya Yoshida, A Million Years (Magaibutsu, 1997)

Ruins, Hyderomastogroningem (Tzadik, 1995)

Derek and the Ruins, Saisoro (Tzadik, 1995)

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