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Marco Eneidi: Still Here

By Published: November 12, 2005
AAJ: Marco, this conversation is going in a very interesting manner and we could be talking all night long...

ME: Yesterday I was on the phone with Cecil Taylor and we talked for 6 hours.

AAJ: Unbelievable!

ME: And we could've gone on, but finally I said to Cecil that I really have to go to the toilet and then I've to go out and buy some cigarettes and then I'd have a drink 'cause it was late at night. But the stuff he was telling me was so interesting, the stories I'd never heard from Cecil before and it was really nice. This conversation, yes we could go on for hours, I thank you so very very much for having me, to your audience for listening, and I apologize that I don't speak French , and to the people elsewhere who're listening on internet. I hope to meet you sometime in person.

AAJ: Yeah, hope to see you sometime soon.

ME: Ciao. Merci beaucoup.

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Selected Discography

Lisle Ellis, Sound of Survival-Live (Henceforth, 2005)
Marco Eneidi/Lisle Ellis/Peter Valsamis, American Roadwork (CIMP, 2004)
Marco Eneidi, Cherry Box (Eremite, 2001)
Donald Robinson Trio, Straight Lines Skewed (CIMP, 1999)
Lisle Ellis, Children in Peril Suite (Music & Arts, 1998)
The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, Sunrises in the Tone World (Aum Fidelity, 1997)
Marco Eneidi, American Jungle Suite (Music & Arts, 1997)
Marco Eneidi/American Jungle Orchestra, Marco Eneidi & The Jungle Orchestra (Botticelli, 1995)
Glenn Spearman, Free Worlds (Black Saint, 1995)
Marco Eneidi Quartet, Final Disconnect Notice (Botticelli, 1994)

Photo Credits:
Top photo: Donald Robinson
Bottom photo: Peter Valsamis

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