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Burt Bacharach: At This Time

By Published: October 31, 2005
AAJ: You have such a great touch on piano, have you ever been approached about doing a solo piano record?

BB: No. I always wind up playing piano on the dates, even when we have another pianist. I just feel it. But I will tell you, one of the great moments I've had was doing the NPR jazz thing with Marian McPartland. Try to get a disc of that, you'll love it. It was a great experience for me, because it's just a treat having two pianos in the room and she's utterly brilliant. We had a great time. We must have done two and a half hours. Try to get yourself a disc. You'll hear me playing piano by myself and with Marian. We got into a great thing on "Alfie, I think you'll like it.

AAJ: Do you recall much of the televised tribute to you that was aired on TNT several years ago? After all the other artists had come out and performed your music, you sat at the piano and played a version of "Alfie all by yourself. You sort of paused at the middle part, eyes closed, momentarily lost in your own music, then sort of plunged right back into the music with the line, "And I believe in love, Alfie... Burt, after all this time, after everything you've been through and all the trouble you've seen, how can you still believe in love?

BB: Yeah, right. That was a great show, I remember that.

I believe in that lyric because I do believe in it. Listen and look at the last lines of the last song, "Always Taking Aim : "I know things may never ever change/ Things may stay the same/ But love is always waiting there/ Always taking aim.

Just remember the one thing that I said to you about love songs: I've always written them, about being broken, as always, but instead of another person breaking your heart, it's the situation. It's the war.

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Olaf Heine

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