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Sonny Rollins and David S. Ware: Sonny Meets David

By Published: October 21, 2005

DSW: I was just telling this workshop's musicians today that music is a spiritual language. That's really what music is a spiritual language; for those who can connect with it, for those who can connect at that level. And it has to do with the deep connection that human beings, each and everyone of us has with the universe, or the cosmos. This cosmos is like interdimensional, interdimensional world, interdimensional life. We are connected with everything else and music is like a vehicle to take us within ourselves and within to like ... give life to our relationship to the universe and all the beings that exist in all the universe. This is part of the yoga teachings, sounds, these mantras will take you into other ways of being, other realities and you can bring back the wisdom of those plans, you bring it down with you. This is something I got from you, I got a lot from you. Musically to go so deep that you touch upon those universal forces. You touch upon it. And you are... That saxophone that we play is a tool, a beautiful tool, but it is empty. If you are spiritually involved, if you can use it in such a way, then we can bring some beautiful forces...

SR: Then, we can realize some beautiful things, we can make things celestial. If you look around in this world, nature, even a beautiful city like Paris which is the most beautiful city of the world, it is just concrete, so you need, it's so much more to it. And music sort of, is definitely a bridge to other things, if you can use it. Music is also providing people in another way, which is very good, people enjoy music when they are going to work, music helps them at that level just. But going to more profound levels, so it can also, like you said, depending on where your mind is and under, and music, what it can bend to, it is more than just a pleasant way to live in this world. Much more than that...

FM: Sonny, you said once: "music saved my life.

SR: I certainly could say that. I don't know exactly when I said that or under what circumstances. You see when I was a child, music was taught to me when I was a child. Music has always been there for me. I was having a conversation for an article the other day and the guy was asking about my favourite recordings so I was telling him about what I was listening to on channel four. It was Fats Waller, he was a great pianist, he was also a great entertainer, he was everything.

But anyway, I used to hear one of his records when I was very young. It used to be at home. That was one of the first record of this music I used to hear so. Music has saved my life in many ways, but just by being able to have music because as I tried to express before, without music life would not have too much meaning to me. And I remember Thelonious Monk told me that one time. And when he said that, I agreed completely, yeah, man, without music, nothing is happening.

So music, sure, music has saved my life and I can't imagine being in this incarnation without music. Fortunately I have been projected to this incarnation into a world which has music and so I am happy about that.

DSW: It's trying always, always tribulations and things... It is great to be a musician, to be in a life time when you deal with music. Music is such a direct path to salvation, if one is ready for that, is ready to deal with. Music is such a great blessing. If you can see it in that light, man if we can see it in that light, yes man it is so wonderful. It is just a gift from the Creator.

SR: No doubt about it, no doubt about it...

Of course, music it is also travel, trains, hotel, and it is not so easy...

DSW: Let me start of by some comments about that. I come to a point, it is very difficult to travel. Travelling for me gets harder and harder... and I came to a point where I gave it over to a force of Nature called Ganesh. I gave it to God in other words a form of God called Ganesh. I gave it to him. My attitude about it is that I am trying less and less to do this for myself, for my own gain.

For me it is silly now to do things to advance my own individuality or my own ego even though it may appear like that to others. This giving over, this offering for me at this point is essential. It's the only way, it makes it easier for me to go through the actions of having to be on the road and all the problems that go with that. It's just like I am taking off a level of more or less servitude to a force of Nature that is very much about arts.

Ganesh is very much about arts and science and wisdom and knowledge than other divinities. And also a god of music and a lord of obstacles that both of us have encountered and had to go through. There is always something to overcome. Basically this is my direction now : to give it all over. It is not about me. It is about the force that I serve.

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